Making of the horses




I am an English artist, graphic designer and horse owner and was inspired to carve my first rocking horse over 20 years ago when my sons were born, wishing to create a lasting family heirloom that would live on for ever, after me. 

Since then I have been commissioned to create many other rocking horses, including zebras and restoration work.  Each horse is produced from the finest wood and materials and each is entirely unique - individually created and hand painted with the utmost care and attention using real leather saddlery, removeable bridles and real horse hair mane and tails.

Each rocking horse is sculpted to give a realistic look to the horse rather than artificial.
The rocking horses are constructed using traditional Victorian methoda including the gesso basecoat before applying 3 paint layers and a final satin finish to render the horse resplendant and long lasting - a joy to behold and play on, whatever your age ...


Initially I select good quality raw timber which is kiln dried and then cut and sawn to size according to the size and style of rocking horse being made. The timber is shaped, and glued together (and to ensure strong joints for the legs, glued and screwed) before adding extra small pieces of timber for muscle areas and shaping on the head and ears.portfolio item

The head is carved first and then the legs are shaped and attached to the body.

When all the detailed carving is completed, the mane and tail are added and the glass eyes are carefully fixed in place, the horse starts to take shape as an individual with its own character.

When all the carving is completed and sanded down, the gesso is mixed and heated and cooled to a jelly. Then over six coats of gesso are painted over the rocking horse giving it a smooth surface on which to start the painting.

The horse is then undercoated and sanded down before the fine hand detailing painting for the eyes, teeth and markings on the body, when completed the whole horse is finished in several coats of satin varnish to protect the finish.

The rocking horse safety stand is made from hardwood and has hand-turned columns and finished in satin varnish to protect and enhance the wood grain.

The horse is then 'saddled up' with the leather saddle and bridle, removable or fixed, and saddle is fitted with adjustable stirrup irons.

The horse is then tested on the rocking stand for perfect balance and to give the perfect ride!

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